pygsaVision – CheckLabel – Bytronic



Quality control for your bottle labelling

A system particularly suitable for the quality control of labelling and printing on cylindrical and square bottles with controlled orientation, including bottle check inspection. 



  • Elimination of the human factor in the product review
  • Reduced costs of customer returns
  • 100% inspection at high production speeds
  • Early identification of problems in the production line


Principal Functions

Cap Control (Optional)

  • Colour Verification
  • Cap and Label
  • Cap Position

Quality Control Labelling

  • Presence / Absence
  • Ensures label integrity
  • Check that the label is correct


  • Code reading
  • Batch reading
  • Reading dates


  • High quality finishes in stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
  • Industrial PC, high performance and licenses installed
  • Shutdown sequence for protection against accidental manual stops
  • 220 V power supply voltage, 12 and 24V for equipment

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Software pygsaVision

Easy and intuitive to handle even by inexperienced personnel

Database storage, statistical analysis and reporting


Interface to existing line systems (SCADA, MES)