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OEE Systems

Improve OEE with real-time monitoring systems

Did you know, that Bytronic Automation are the proud co-creators of LineView™ – the ultimate line monitoring solution that has been installed on over 200 lines around the world? LineView™ is now the flagship product of our sister business – LineView Solutions. Other products include MachineView™, FactoryView™, EnterpriseView™ and the bolt-on productivity appliance XL800.

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LineView is our proven production efficiency improvement tool.

LineView monitors your entire production process in real time, constantly identifying the real area of loss to enable your teams to use highly accurate data to make effective decisions.

All of your data is stored centrally and is available on every PC in the factory to enable effective decision making.

LineView is the single most powerful manufacturing tool I’ve seen during my 15 years in operations management.

Richard Davies, Vice-President Operations, Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd

Key Features of LineView:

  • High resolution of data
  • Full historical analysis
  • Automatic data capture
  • Web based interface
  • No additional hardware needed
  • Genuine causal downtime
  • Live machine trending
  • Self maintaining
  • Configurable Reports
  • Factory dashboard
  • Inbuilt tactical review process
  • Operator comment entry
  • Modular and scalable
  • Build by Operational Excellence Experts
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