MES Order Execution System – Bytronic

MES Order Execution System

How co-ordinated are your production cycle processes?

Putting the wrong labels on the wrong products could cost a business enormously. Using an MES ensures accuracy by automating the set-up process for a wide variety of variables (including batch codes, date codes and printed languages). What may take hours to achieve manually takes a matter of minutes with MES, so it also speeds up the process significantly, saving you time and money.

Bytronic designs and implements turnkey MES Solutions. The systems start with a high grade industrial Ethernet network with layer3 backbone and hyper ring technology. The data being collated into a central MES database.

This central server seamlessly links to ERP and SAP core.

  • Rapid Production configuration
  • All Variants 100% checked by link to vision and ID systems
  • Removes risk of production mistakes
  • Proof of conformity
  • Integrates to our Paperless Process system