CodingControl – Bytronic

Are manual coding errors affecting your production efficiency?


Eliminate data errors by seamlessly integrating with SAP, ensuring compliance and protecting your brand integrity

Coding mistakes lead to costly, time consuming recalls and recalls mean missed production deadlines and late deliveries. With CodingControl there’s no more manual data input, so no more coding mistakes and no more recalls. Your production line just works.
CodingControl is the ONLY two-way data bridge between SAP Bytronic Automation software and Cognex vision devices.

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What is CodingControl?

It’s a SAP certified data bridge that enables you to eradicate coding errors when performing process or production orders, coding, labeling and quality control (vision systems/scanners) and allows you to react in real-time to changing production floor demands.
CodingControl gives you a “production cockpit” that can be viewed on any fixed terminal or mobile device, so you can start and control jobs from anywhere. It works by linking SAP data directly to Bytronic Automation software with a unique plug-in. There’s no changes to code, so coding compliance is ensured. CodingControl is a flexible, native SAP application so there’s no need for middleware either, meaning seamless integration and faster deployment.

How CodingControl works:

We chose CodingControl for the seamless, configurable SAP integration that it provides.

Quality Director, COTY

View and manage all connected production line devices from CodingControl’s production cockpit


Integrate vision systems to capture actual post print label images and save directly to SAP


 Guarantee accurate coding of “Best Before End” date, batch or serialisation number, barcode label or other SAP data by selecting the right label, every time with intelligent template determination based on the correct SAP data (no manual data entry)


 Drive customer loyalty – Minimise waste, improve production uptime and get faster changeovers with real-time information, including consumable levels, batch counts and vision system errors from the CodingControl cockpit


 Check labels and devices are working correctly within SAP and enforce pre-production quality control checks by saving an image preview in production orders, to eliminating coding errors