360° Barcode Checker – Bytronic

Non-Contact Barcode Inspection: Validation and Verification

360° Barcode Checker

A guarantee that your barcode is correct and readable

  • Every barcode is inspected and checked against the SKU being produced
  • Can be set up in a variety of automatic ways or manually by the operator
  • Mis-matches and no-reads can cause rejection or line stop depending on setup
  • Existing reject stations can be used, or the system can have a rejector attached
  • Barcode quality can be measured and tracked
  • The target is surrounded by scanners so no need for product orientation
  • Simple graphical HMI displaying the reason for any rejects
  • Throughput of 36,000 products/hour


  • Modular design
  • Fits around your conveyor
  • Minimal downtime needed for installation
  • HMI Unit can be remote
  • Tower lights as an option
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Communicates via Industrial Protocols
  • Direct link to SAP (optional)
  • OEE Data available (optional)
  • Capacity for add-on modules
  • Delivery Time 6-8 Weeks
  • Bytronic setup option available.

Bytronic 360° Barcode Checker is versatile: it fits any production line and is suitable for any product, regardless of shape and size – even irregular shaped products as long as the barcode is visible