Application Stories – Bytronic

Checking bottled beer cartons using LWIR imaging

Bytronic Automation has recently undertaken a turnkey vision system on behalf of a household name beer brand for the inspection of the integrity of boxes used to package the beer bottles. The project involves the use of LWIR imaging and traditional colour imaging and is fully integrated into the system as the boxes emerge from..

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Cognex dm300

Cognex Barcode Readers ensure accurate product labelling

At the manufacturing plant and distribution centre of a global consumer product manufacturer, boxes of powder products are produced and packaged ready for distribution. As part of the vital pre-shipment labelling process, approximately 150 boxes are stacked on each pallet which is then stretch wrapped before a label is printed and affixed. This ensures complete..

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Looking closely at very small things: inspecting bimetallic strips

Very small things can cause very big problems (just consider the manflu virus). It’s not all about the large, easily visible features – as you’ll see. We recently undertook a trial to inspect metal laminates for a company that makes engine parts (mostly bearings). The components we looked at were copper/steel bimetallic strips. The metal..

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