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System Integration

Bytronic can help you to manage your data efficiently and effectively. Whether you need to report on existing information in databases, collect more information from databases, or connect everything to manufacturing execution systems, we can organise this for you.

Our extensive experience in systems integration projects across diverse industry sectors has enabled us to develop a range of partnerships that help manufacturers improve their processes and ultimately – increase their profitability.



Bytronic are a Cognex Partner System Integrator (PSI)allowing us to improve our customers’ productivity while reducing the costs associated with automated systems, enhancing performance and creating a safer, more efficient work environment. In 2013 Bytronic became the UK’s first Gold Partner Systems Integrator for Cognex. In just a year, Bytronic Automation was promoted to Platinum PSI, sharing this status with only a very few companies worldwide.



In 2016 Bytronic became the first, and currently the only, officially recognised system integrator for FLIR thermal imaging cameras. Prior to now, FLIR have only sold their technology through distribution companies but have never had official partners running their system integration, making this a huge step both for FLIR and Bytronic. We sell turnkey solutions, integrating the full range of FLIR automation cameras.

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Markem Imaje

Bytronic is working with Markem Imaje and Cognex on reducing the risk of costly recalls due to coding and marking errors by providing fully integrated marking and vision systems.

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Bytronic recently became the UK representative of the Spanish vision systems provider pygsa, who are looking to expand their presence in the market. The launch of pygsa’s products in the UK will be at the PPMA Total Show in September 2016 – don’t miss to visit us on stand D42

PLC Programming

PLC programming is a core skill of our in house engineering team. We are capable of modifying your existing PLC code or developing new code to suit your requirements, enabling various interfaces with your existing control systems. We have many years of experience of the popular PLC models on the market with many successful projects completed and have the capability to specify, build, implement and document a wide range of systems.

SCADA Systems

For many years our customers have relied on our capability to design and realise powerful SCADA systems to bring visualisation and analysis of their production process.  Through the integration of these systems with PLC control systems, shop floor data can be accessed and utilised by many of your staff.

ERP/MES Interfacing

We have extensive experience integrating our solutions with a variety of well-known ERP and MES systems, allowing you to both extract and transfer data throughout the business structure.  From simple production counts to extensive OEE machine analysis, our engineers can provide different ways to integrate data at many levels.

Database Development

With our extensive knowledge of database design and programming, we are able to develop custom databases to suit a wide range of requirements using industry standard tools. We can provide services from simple, easy to use data entry forms to complex SQL coding for data mining and analysis.

Software Driver Development

As part of our ongoing development of modular software toolkits, we can develop custom software drivers to interface with almost any production based equipment. Enabling you to send and receive data and control the device functionality from other software platforms.

Industrial Communications Protocols

We have developed and implemented systems using a wide range of industrial standard communications protocols, such as EthernetIP, ProfiNET, Modbus and OPC.  We are experienced at communicating between protocols allowing a variety of devices to be interconnected and the data shared with ERP, MES or SCADA systems.

Paperless Systems

Eliminating the paperwork from your production processes can bring improvements in efficiency and minimise the chances for human error.  Bytronic has developed systems for well-known customers that make use of fingerprint verification and electronic forms to save the physical transfer of information usually found in regulatory procedures.  By implementing these systems in simple web-based solutions – the procedure can be accessed through computers, smart phones and tablets.

Industrial Network Design

Industrial networks have become an important part of the factory floor, providing connectivity to an increasing number of devices.  Bytronic has a long history of designing industrial grade, high-resilience networks for factory data systems where reliability is of key importance.  Many industry leading customers rely on Bytronic for the support, implementation and consultancy of their network assets.