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Smart Factory

Whether it’s a total MES solution, machine inspection & measurement, industrial networks, manufacturing data management, or automated test equipment, Bytronic can help. We’ve packaged smart offerings to resolve issues that are most common across the industry.



Imagine being certain that every multi-pack you produce is complete and properly wrapped. PackCheck ensures perfect packs, every time, by ensuring no missing products, correctly applied shrink wrap, and tray integrity.

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A powerful combination of technologies in a fully integrated quality control system that helps detect hotmelt glue application to ensure integrity of packed boxes.

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Barcode on a pot noodle

360° Barcode Checker

The perfect solution for non-contact barcode reading, verification and validation, without the need for product orientation and therefore perfect for irregularly shaped, cylindrical or polygonal products.

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Bytronic take advantage of The Config Team’s CodingControl bi-directional solution to link Cognex vision systems and their LineView real-time monitoring solution to SAP.

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Lineview meeting

OEE Systems

Bytronic are proud co-creators of LineView™ – “the most powerful manufacturing tool” and system of choice for Coca-Cola Enterprises for real-time data visualisation.

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MES Order Execution System

Manufacturing executing systems (MES) take production data from databases such as SAP, and use this data to set up the production line for the job in question.

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fire prevention waste

Fire Prevention

By continuously monitoring areas, Bytronic’s fire prevention systems detect fires before they happen. Explore our solutions for high fire risk sites.

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Manufacturing Systems Design

Before we implement any vision system, we run a full set of trials at our premises using real samples to establish the best lighting, lens and camera combinations. This way, we can ensure that your system does exactly what we say it will.



If none of the listed systems seem to resolve your current problem, we are constantly developing new solutions to fit all kinds of applications. We have a test facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology to develop solutions for any requirement.