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Join The Manufacturer Thought Leadership Network

Bytronic are members of The Manufacturer Thought Leadership Network – a platform for manufacturers to discuss and learn about the key issues shaping the future of the industry. The network is made up of four forums; Additive Manufacturing, Automation, Industrial Internet of Things and Servitization. The premise of the network is to give you the insight..

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More Cognex awards for Bytronic

Bytronic wins three awards at the Cognex 2014 Partner Kick-off in Munich. The awards recognised “Performance” and “Involvement” as well as taking the top honours for “Coverage”. Bytronic are the UK’s only Gold Partner for Cognex’s market-leading machine vision systems.

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The Beauty of Manufacturing Execution Systems

Today, we’re taking a peek into the journey of a can of ‘generic product’. A major production facility in the UK briefed our engineers to implement an MES (manufacturing execution system, for those who don’t like acronyms) and generally increase efficiency and productivity. The factory prepares, packages and ships cans of product to retailers all..

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IP Codes for Beginners

The IP code is an internationally recognised classification system. It’s a standard way of describin Short for Ingress Protection Rating (or sometimes International Protection Rating), it classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects from hands to water droplets. It’s particularly useful in engineering and manufacturing, because it gives..

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A new dawn for engineering?

Engineering has been stuck in a rut for a good few years now. Its image is a little dusty, and it st You may have seen a new engineering prize in the news this week. The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering is a new global prize to recognise and celebrate outstanding advances in engineering. Advances that..

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New Cognex products at Bytronic

We’re always on the lookout for shiny new hardware and software. We’ve got two new products online n Our two latest products are brand new from Cognex. Cognex DS1100 3D Sensor It’s often not possible to examine difficult-to-see features with traditional 2D inspection tools. This sensor uses another approach, making short work of difficult vision..

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Entertaining the children: Bytronic’s charity

Can you imagine never having seen a clown before? The children from Zellidja Boubker never had. Clowning around When our director’s Moroccan wife, Leila, last visited her country she took a hand in Amali’s work (Bytronic’s chosen charity). The village children don’t have much in the way of basic needs like food and clothing, let..

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Remember Pez sweets?

If you’re a child of the 80s, you’ll surely remember Pez Candy.   These:   A toy and a sweet all in one; what more could a child wish for? But what has Pez candy got to do with machine vision, you may ask? Well, the full story is on the Vision Systems blog, but..

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